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1. Water Shortage
2. Due to water shortage there is a lack of birds
3. Due to the lack of birds, there has been a major shortage in the tourism field.

There is a water shortage because the all water is being taken away by farmers for irrigation. Therefore since all the water is being taken away by the farmers, there is a lack of birds. At first, lots of varieties of birds used to migrate to the park. For example the purple heron and other exotic birds from Russia and other foreign countries used to migrate to Sultanpur National Park but now because of the water shortage there are hardly any exotic birds let alone any Indian birds in the park!

Now, due to the lack of birds, there had been a major decrease in the tourism field. Therefore, the income for Sultanpur National Park is on a low.

So what are the Solutions for these problems? Are there any At all? Click On the Solutions link to find out!