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Introduction from Delhi. On a short drive away from the Delhi - Jaipur highway. A stretch at marshy land has been remodelled. Artificial mound, have turned into a green glade. The marsh has been converted into a water body. And with the years, hundreds of species of migratory birds have winged in to stay. Winter brings in birds from as far as Siberia. Flock of gesse from Europe wing in too. The local birds flap in. A world of darters, egrets shovellers, gadwell, geese dominate. Teals, kingfishers, lapwings, sandpipers; demoiselle cranes and such like water birds nestle in. Over 100 species have been identified here.

It was the Perfect National Park ....... until something went terribly wrong that is!

On This Website, You Will Be Able To See The Reasons As To What Has Happened To Sultanpur National Park And What The Solutions Are!